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Fancy Restaurant

 2+ years of 

 Hospitality Industry Experience


Worked with customers to upgrade existing sites. Recommended migrations from on premises to Cloud.

Working with payment and loyalty providers.

Software migration and updates. Software development, testing and deployment.

Site management and deployment of ATMs, POS, IT hardware and SW updates.

IT Transformation

Reviewing reports and providing an AI report on trends.

Support of migrations between Data Centers.

Fixes and enhacements to solutions in the field.

Helping to work with Cloud teams to ensure DCs are provisioned and available.

Software test automation.


Recommending the use of automation products to enhance quality. Staging products to ensure restaurant pilots and openings are successful. 

Project controls

All projects managed using PRINCE and PMI methods. Change control, risk management, communications, project planning and delivery elements implemented during the entire project lifecycle.

We have experience of working with global customers in implementing service improvement plans and project recovery plans.

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