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Offshoring & Nearshoring

We can advise on location and the type of model you require. Managing remote teams can be successful if you have the right structure, cadence and leaders in place. Offshoring can work well and can be cost effective whereas nearshoring may be more expensive but closer and possibly multi-lingual as well.

The decision on which model to choose for your organisation is a complex one. It requires thorough analysis of all the costs and benefits, and a realistic approach to the difficulties/new processes and investment that will be involved.

We can advise on this as we have set-up teams in India, the Philippines, Serbia, Poland and Romania.

We have also recruited and on-boarded varied roles in these locations including Team Managers, Project Managers, Programme Managers, SW Developers/Engineers, QA/Testers, Cloud Engineers, Architects, Analysts, Support services staff (level 1, 2 and 3), PMO and Business Ops staff.

We discuss the following with you and your stakeholders:

  • Assessment

  • Drivers for outsourcing work

  • Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT)

  • Efficiency, Quality or Cost saving

  • Communication

  • Cadence

  • Time zones

  • Access

  • Security

  • Scope creep

  • Vendor performance

  • Culture

  • Government restrictions/regulations

  • Business knowledge

  • Business processes

  • Location

  • Language requirements

  • Facility costs

  • Lab requirements

  • Secure access

  • Security

  • Intellectual property

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