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Paying at the Store

 20 years of 

 Retail Industry Experience 

Self checkout

Implemented SCO projects in the UK for 98% of the market. Worked with retailers to improve their customer journey.

Worked with major grocery retailers on implementing their self-checkout projects.

Worked with scanning companies to implement scan as you shop and other innovative shopping


Delivered major and minor SW releases to retailers.

Applied change control to reduce scope creep.

Managed teams that deployed patches and firmware updates.

POS deployment

Worked with loyalty and POS providers to implement retail projects.

Managed deployments of POS, managed SW versions, patches and updates.

Managed teams that installed POS in major UK fashion and grocery retailers.


Implemented Chip & PIN and secure payment technology in UK and EMEA retailers.

Worked on a product recall programme costing $5M to rework, update and redeploy 50K devices nationally. Applied effective project management controls to ensure logistics, SW versions, quality and customer satisfaction were maintained.First to install Chip & PIN at the town trials when introduced in the UK.

First to achieve UK's first mobile phone top-up.

Project controls

Managed major and minor releases using global development and testing resources. Applied innovative testing methods to improve quality and delivery.

Applied change and risk management controls to ensure consistent and quality deliverables.

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