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Paying for Beer

 10 years of 

 Payments Industry Experience

Card Processing

Managed installers and PMs that deployed, tested and implemented successful EFT payment solutions.

Managed customer service and support teams that supported the product.

Implemented a payment card processing solution with acquirer settlement.

Chip & PIN

Managed teams that were first in the town trials with Chip and PIN. Worked on a major Chip & PIN product recall of 50K devices and completed this successfully.

Implemented first early pay at pump solutions.

Worked with manufacturing teams to give field feedback in order to improve products. Built a team offshore to manage payment applications for a major fuel forecourt solution in the USA.

Secure payment technology

Managed teams that worked on PCI, EMV, contactless and secure payments.

Built 2 secure rooms and labs to allow developers and testers to complete projects. Set-up 2 secure rooms in Germany and the UK with ZKA approval.

Worked with a major fuel provider to manage fuel forecourt pumps solutions.

Project controls

Updates, builds and deployments all managed by PMs with good deployment, change management, risk management, customer facing and project management skills.

Projects were managed using PRINCE2 and PMI processes and standards.

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